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Workers' Compensation

  • Lifting Accidents
  • Slip or Trip & Falls
  • Work-Related Vehicle Accidents
  • Electrocutions
  • Burns
  • Struck By Falling Debris
  • Crush Injuries

Dedicated Accident & Injury Workers' Compensation Lawyers for NJ

At the Law Offices of Matarazzo and Lubcher, P.C., we focus exclusively on New Jersey Workers Compensation cases. If either you or a loved one has experienced a work-related injury, Matarazzo and Lubcher can help you get the medical benefits and compensation you are entitled to, provided that you make the call.

Matarazzo and Lubcher can help you:

  • Navigate the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim for benefits
  • Appeal a denied claim
  • Seek additional benefits not offered by your employer
  • Reopen a previously closed case
  • Get you the compensation you deserve

For more than three decades, our team has helped settle thousands of cases and obtained millions of dollars for our clients in just compensation for work-related injury claims.

We understand that times are tough for injured workers. We believe your focus should be on healing, not money. We don’t take a cent until we settle your case, so there is no out-of-pocket cost.

Our consultation is free. Our skilled legal staff will help you determine your case’s viability and outline the action steps necessary to pursue your claim.

Benefits Available For Work Injury Victims

Medical Treatment Benefits

The employer or its insurance company must provide you with and pay for, all reasonable and necessary medical treatment.

Temporary Disability Benefits

Injured workers who are disabled and unable to work for more than seven days may be able to receive temporary disability benefits to replace lost wages.

Permanent Partial Benefits

If a job-related injury or illness causes permanent injury, a worker may be able to receive benefits based on his or her functional loss.

Permanent Total Benefits

Workers who are permanently and totally disabled by a workplace injury or illness and cannot return to work may be eligible for permanent total benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Law Areas We Practice

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Work-Related Injury

Occupational Disease

Injured On The Job

Occupational Exposure

Medical Treatment Benefits

Believe it or not, if you are injured on the job, your employer is required to pay for all of your medical treatment (doctor’s visits, medications, therapies, pain management, surgeries, etc.). There should be no co-pays or deductibles. It is important to note, however, that the insurance company will initially get to choose the medical provider as long as that doctor can provide reasonable and necessary medical treatment. So if you choose to treat on your own, without the authorization of the employer/workers compensation insurance carrier, you may end up responsible for the bills.

However, often times the workers’ compensation insurance carrier will provide the “bare minimum” amount of medical treatment in order to keep from paying high costs in medical coverage. The attorneys at Matarazzo and Lubcher have long standing relationships with locally renowned medical doctors and professionals to ensure that in the event that you are “cut off” from medical treatment prematurely, you get the appropriate second opinion from a competent physician  which could be used to assist you in getting the medical treatment you need and deserve.

Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary Disability Benefits are monetary benefits which you are entitled to if the authorized workers’ compensation doctor temporarily places you out of work as a result of your work related injury. If an authorized workers’ compensation doctor takes you out of work for a temporary basis, you are entitled to 70% of your gross, average weekly wages (up to a maximum amount determined by the Workers’ Compensation Law). These Temporary Disability Benefits are “tax-free” benefits, and can be paid for up to 400 weeks if a workers’ compensation doctor keeps you out of work for that long.

Temporary Disability Benefits are also payable if an authorized workers’ compensation doctor says that you can work, but only in a light or modified duty capacity if your employer cannot accommodate those work restrictions.

Permanent Disability Benefits

At the end of your medical treatment, if you are left with a permanent functional loss or impairment, you will likely be entitled to a monetary award, the amount of which, will depend on the extent of the work-related injury and its effect on you. If you do have a permanent disability or loss of function, you will be entitled to this monetary award even if you return to work. This is what’s known as a permanent partial disability award.

With a permanent partial disability award, not only will you be entitled to a monetary award, but just as importantly, you will be entitled to the Right to Reopen Your Case. In most cases, you will be able to reopen your case up to two years after you receive the last payment from the workers’ compensation insurance company even after your award/settlement if your condition gets worse even after your case resolves.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits are available if your work related injury prevents you from working at all. If that is the case, you may be entitled to lifetime payments and medical treatment for your work related injury.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I am so pleased with this law firm. After sustaining a serious injury at work I was left with medical bills and lost pay from my employer. I continued to reach out to the company and workers' comp however was ignored. I was not only afraid for my health and how I would be treated for my injuries but for my future and the ability to pay hospital and doctor bills. Out of desperation, I reached out to attorney Steven Lubcher for help. Upon telling my story to Mr. Lubcher I was surprised to see the empathy for my case and I was assured that his law firm would immediately fight for my legal rights. During my initial consultation with Mr. Lubcher, he called the insurance company in charge of my case and I immediately started receiving the support from workers comp required by law. This firm also immediately petitioned the courts on my behalf to receive all of the workers' comp pay I had been denied. They won the case and I received all benefits including all back pay. When you are alone it is very scary to go up against large companies. Reaching out to this firm was the best decision I ever made. I am no longer worried about my future now that I have the support of this firm. Thank you again!

Jeanine N.Client

After my accident, I had friends with similar injuries encourage me to file a workers compensation claim with a lawyer, but it didn't seem like something I wanted to do, even though I thought I deserved something for my injuries and may need more medical treatment in the future. When I finally spoke to Steven Lubcher and he explained the benefits to me and I'm happy to say I moved forward. Hiring Steven Lubcher to represent me was the best decision I made. He procured me a settlement that was twice as much as the friends who also had my same injury.

John C.Client

Hi my name is Debbie S, and I would like to take time to recommend Matarazzo & Lubcher as workers’ compensation lawyers. They were my lawyer for about four years and I have done very well by them. They are very easy to talk to and very down to earth and a pleasure to deal with.

Debbie S.Client

ML Workers Comp are my attorneys. They are very professional and make you feel as though you have known them for years. I highly recommend them.

Ira M.Client

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